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We Celebrated Rough Trade’s Out Store Event as Twin Atlantic Launched their New Album

Twin Atlantic live at Metronome

On Monday 27 January, Metronome hosted a Rough Trade out store event – a celebration of the launch of Twin Atlantic’s new album ‘Power’.

As the Scottish rock band wandered onto the stage just after 9pm, the auditorium filled up with cheering and shouts of “I love you, Sam!” This was followed by lead singer, Sam McTrusty exclaiming “I’m so ill, man”. But that didn’t seem to get him down, as he proceeded to jump, leap and dance around the stage – first in a black jacket, and then in a white, silk shirt.

Their performance was proving so effortlessly mesmerising and exciting to watch, that you could be forgiven for forgetting both Sam and bass player, Ross were dragging the flu around the stage with them. “Look at everyone who got the flu jab this year, feeling all smug”, Sam says while laughing with the crowd between songs.

The band then came out to the bar where they stayed for another hour, signing everyone’s albums, T-shirts and getting pictures. Although Sam was told not to talk to anyone as he was on voice rest, that lasted for two fans before he couldn’t hold it in any more. “I feel too guilty not talking to people”, he explained to some fans who asked how he was feeling.

Fifty percent of the band were performing with flu, but like absolute troopers they put on a great performance. In fact, if they hadn’t said anything, you wouldn’t have known anything was wrong. To follow this with meeting fans, chatting away, and smiling for pictures proves just how much they appreciate their fan base – and in an industry known to house a few divas, they certainly proved to be the opposite.

Photo credit: Tom Morley

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