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Metronome Hosted Rough Trade’s Out Store Event as Mura Masa Celebrated his New Album

Mura Masa live at Metronome

On Friday 17 January, Metronome hosted a Rough Trade event – the long-awaited album launch for artist Mura Masa.

The musician and his lively band delivered an energetic and near-flawless set in Metronome, in celebration of the release of his new sophomore album ‘R.Y.C. (Raw Youth Collage)’. The UK-based producer showcased his talents by stripping back to simplicity and picking up live instruments; jamming out on the guitar, passionately drumming to the strong beats – and even at one point, busting out into an auto-tuned voicebox solo.

Similarly, the band of amazing young musicians were spellbinding with their passionate and talented performances – bringing a whole new dimension to the live set, which was accompanied by vivid lights and flashing strobes. Vocalists Cosha (previously known as Bonzai) and Fliss’ wide range of vocals, punchy stage presence and enthusiastic dance moves allowed even those who were not very familiar with Mura Masa’s music to enjoy every second of the album launch party.

The fast-paced, vibrant energy of the set is heightened with Mura Masa’s new punchy track ‘Deal Wiv It’, which originally features Slowthai. By the time the song’s epic drop arrived, the entire crowd was jumping madly, and Fliss matching their energy step by step. The new tracks explore a fusion of musical subcultures of punk, rock, electric pop – creating a diverse and interesting listen.

To the fans’ delight, amidst the new album tracks, old hits were also played; Cosha’s performance of Mura Masa’s ‘Nuggets’ and ‘What If I Go’ generated major throwback vibes, as the entire floor was filled with excitement and sang along to the popular hits. Mura Masa and the band returned on stage for an encore, with ‘Firefly’ and Fliss rapping to A$AP Rocky’s ‘Love$ick’ with ease. To show love to the fans who have supported and attended the album launch show, a fan was invited to the stage with Fliss for a short friendly dance.

Undoubtedly, Mura Musa’s energetic set was an experience to remember for his dedicated fans.


Photo credit: Fabrice Gagos

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