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Rough Trade are Back with Sports Team and Easy Life!

Easy Life live at Metronome Nottingham

As the country comes out of lockdown, live music is back and we’re once again hosting full capacity gigs. What better way to celebrate than with not one, but two Rough Trade out store events.

We’re thrilled to welcome Rough Trade back to Metronome, and this week we’ve had the pleasure of hosting two out store events. On Tuesday 20 July, London-based alternative rock band, Sports Team took to the stage to celebrate the release of their Mercury Prize nominated debut studio album, ‘Deep Down Happy’.

Often described as raucous, electrifying and chaotic during their live shows, the band of six put on an incredible show to kick-start the return of standing events. After over a year of live events only being available online or seated with social distancing in place, the return of gigs as we knew them pre-Covid was embraced by both the band and the crowd.

Easy Life joined us on Wednesday 21 July to promote their debut album, ‘Life’s a Beach’, which reached number 2 in the UK Albums Chart. Observational, universal and deeply personal, this rounded study of forgotten Britain is the record Easy Life have spent their young lives working towards.

Although everyone in the audience seemed to know every word to every song the band performed, there was a moment of euphoria when they played arguably their most well-known track, ‘Skeletons’.

The band followed their performance with a signing, which saw the majority of fans stay and wait in a sizeable queue to meet the band and get whatever they had with them signed. The amount of people that were willing to stay and wait – especially during a heatwave – proved just how popular this band has become.

We are delighted to be hosting full capacity events again, and can’t wait to bring more Rough Trade out store events to Metronome in the future. We’ve got a packed autumn schedule coming up, so make sure you check out our What’s On page to find out more.

Photo credit: Tom Morley

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