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BBC Music Introducing brought an abundance of new music talent to Metronome

Dean Jackson live at Metronome

On Wednesday 4 March, BBC Music Introducing brought some incredible up-and-coming music artists and bands to Metronome.

The event was hosted by new music presenter for the BBC, Dean Jackson, and the brilliantly talented singer/songwriter and musician, Mollie Ralph kicked the night off with a bang. Her strong, distinctive voice caught people’s attention as soon as she began singing. But she kept the crowd interested with her smiley and friendly attitude that lit up the stage. Her confidence also shone through, throughout her whole set.

Next on stage was a band called Arcades, who commanded the stage the minute they stepped onto it. They performed catchy, memorable songs that wouldn’t sound out of place on BBC Radio 1. The band had a unique look, which also helped them to stand out, and their stage presence helped them to look completely at home on stage. Their set was a lot of fun, not only to listen to, but also to watch.

Tasked with finishing the night on a high was band Cucamaras. The band instantly looked and felt relevant and modern, while still proving to be different, with not just one strong vocalist, but two. They offered such an energetic set, that the crowd couldn’t help but get involved – even starting mosh pits at one point.

Photo credit Tom Morley 

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