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The night Snapped Ankles graced the Metronome stage

Snapped Ankles live at Metronome

Snapped Ankles blew the roof off the Metronome as we entered their curiously exciting world – which saw us transported into the woods.

Before we entered the curious world of Snapped Ankles, Nuha Ruby Ra started the night on an intriguing note. Dressed all in red leather, she sang to the crowd to “come closer” at which point the audience moved nearer to the stage. Simply put, her experimental sound set the night up perfectly.

The evening continued with Lunch Money Life taking to the stage with their large amount of instruments. So large in fact, that they barely fit everything on stage. Using instruments such as saxophones, trumpets and guitars, they took experimental music to the next level. As they began teasing a track, a member of the audience shouted “Sweet Caroline” – to which the band and crowd laughed – rounding off an all-round fun and energetic performance.

Soon enough, Snapped Ankles were walking onto stage wearing their well-known tree headgear. Instead of wearing the full tree gear though, they wore boiler suits. The LED Video Wall at the back of the stage was used throughout the set, mostly with graphics walking through the woods at night. The crowd wasn’t simply watching Snapped Ankles, they were immersed into their world. However, this wasn’t the only tactic used to make you feel part of the band – the lead singer/guitarist regularly entered the crowd. At one point, he gave one of his tree-like instruments to an audience member to join in one of the songs.

The event was one of intrigue, curiosity, mystery and most of all great music from three different live acts.

Photo credit Tom Morley 

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