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A Q&A with the exciting, experimental Queer Noise Club

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We caught up with the organiser of Queer Noise Club Aja Ireland (musician AJA) ahead of the second installment of these exciting events, who spoke about the importance of providing safe spaces for people of all backgrounds to join together in enjoying an eclectic mix of live music. Breaking down boundaries, inclusivity and dancing to Missy Elliot are the order of the day…

Could you tell us a bit about why you set up this night?

After touring around Europe and the UK and seeing loads of lovely queer communities hosting experimental nights, I realised there wasn’t anything like that in the Midlands. I wanted to provide a safe space for people to experience unique, immersive high quality music with a DIY twist – and at the same time, get to know more people in the queer community who shared the same interests as me.

The more research I did when I was organising the first night, the more I realised how much people seemed to need a space like this, where they were free to be/dress/move freely without judgement in a positive and inclusive environment (with strictly no lip syncing to pop!)

What are your last three most recent listens?

W00dy – My Diary

Handle – Demonstrations

Iceboy Violet (whose music can be found on on Bandcamp and Soundcloud)

What is your favourite music video?

There are too many! Aisha Devi – ‘Mazda’ is great but Peaches – ‘LONE’ Taxidermist and AIDS – ‘Wolf’ all have some great ones too!

What is a band that took you a while to get into but now you love?

I think I know within about 3 seconds if I love a song or a band – it’s an instant connection for me. Björk has been with me from the beginning though!

If you were having a party which song would 100% make the playlist?

Missy Elliot – ‘Get your Freak On’. This song never ceases to get people dancing!

And lastly, what is the best gig you have been to in the last 3 months?

Heart Of Noise Festival in Innsbruck – it was all absolutely incredible from the sound and atmosphere to the hosting. There was one of the best crowds I’ve ever had, and I got to play with my two favourite artists Maria Horn and Lucy Railton! The bass was so loud during my set my eye balls were literally vibrating, it was so physical – I loved it.

Queer Noise Club #2 hits Metronome on Friday 13 September – don’t miss out on this incredible event, get your ticket now and come along to something truly different.