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Life-saving Defibrillator gets Installed at Metronome

Pete Abrahart raised money to fund Defibrillator for Metronome

In 2022, a lecturer at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, Pete Abrahart ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon and helped to raise £1,200 for Leon’s Legacy. The money that was raised financed two defibrillators, one of which has been installed in Metronome.  

Pete was inspired to take on the fundraiser by one of his students whose father, Leon, sadly passed away a few months before their course started. Leon was a lunchtime supervisor at a school in Nottingham and may have survived if there had been a defibrillator onsite when he took ill.

Leon’s daughter Holly set up the charity and asked Pete where he’d like to see the defibrillators installed. We are very grateful that Pete chose to have one installed at Metronome as many people use the venue on a daily basis, from customers to Confetti students and staff members. This makes the piece of life saving equipment vital.

The defibrillator is now stationed in Metronome’s reception, and we would like to thank Pete as well as everyone who pledged money for helping to make our venue safer.

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