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Content Creation Students Hone Their Skills at Metronome Events

Over the last six months, Confetti’s BA (Hons) Content Creation students have been supporting live events at Metronome, by capturing and creating content for Metronome’s social channels.

Launched in September 2022, the Content Creation degree course enables students to develop their skills in video production, image manipulation and editing to produce cutting-edge, high-end content.

Many students on the course have embraced the opportunity to create and share live content at Metronome events, from seated, intimate performances like Folk and Piano Sessions, to sold-out standing gigs such as BBC Introducing and Lovejoy, the students are gaining valuable industry experience.

Currently in their first year of study, the students have created a wide range of content, with lots of different equipment. From taking professional photographs of artists performing, to experimenting with video content on their phones, the students are being given the chance to use what they learn during their lessons in a live environment.

They have their own Content Creation Instagram account to share the work they’re most proud of, and some of their content gets uploaded to the Metronome Instagram account, especially during live events.

One of our regular content creators, Ria Reddy told us why she’s enjoyed working the gigs:

“I’ve worked on a few gigs at Metronome this year. It’s always lovely and creative and such a great opportunity for us in our first year of the course!”


We also spoke to Course Leader, Jacky Gurr to find out what impact supporting Metronome gigs has had on her students:

“Metronome have provided the most amazing placement opportunities for the BA Content Creation students. In the first 18 weeks of the course starting, students had attended over 12 events at Metronome! They have been providing content in the form of stories on the Metronome Instagram account for all of the events and are fully trusted by the team to do this.

The Metronome team provide feedback after each event for the students to work on for the next event they attend. I have seen such huge improvements, not only with photography skills but their confidence too!”


We’re delighted with how the relationship with the course is progressing and the value that working with content creation students brings to our social channels.

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts, and you may spot some of their fantastic content.

Photo credit: Tom Morley

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