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BBC Music Introducing East Midlands Returns To Metronome

BBC Introducing in the East Midlands stage image Metronome Nottingham

On Thursday 20 September, BBC Music Introducing in the East Midlands returned for another session of live music on the Metronome stage.

BBC Introducing pride themselves on hosting some of the best up-and-coming acts all over the country and we’re proud to have developed a long-standing relationship. Over the last four years, we’ve been the home of BBC Music Introducing in the East Midlands, allowing us to support talent within the local area and provide them with this fantastic opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. In the past we have hosted acts such as ALT BLK ERA, Soft Girls and Boys Club and Airport Dad  as well as hosting Nottingham born singer, songwriter Jake Bugg who gave audience members a special insight into his career.

We host BBC Introducing events a few times a year, and they are free to attend. The shows are always well attended with many dates selling out, giving everyone the opportunity to discover up-and-coming local artists. When asked why Metronome is the perfect home for BBC Introducing Dean Jackson said the following:

“Metronome has been around for five years now and I had a guided tour by Kristi and Craig before the building was up. Our first gig was in the first few weeks of Metronome’s existence. We were using a lot of venues at that time but filming at these venues was quite problematic. Here they could offer film facilities, as well as trained people to film, it was a no brainer, it is just the perfect match.”


“Metronome is great, physically it’s accessible, it’s got great facilities, everything from sound to lighting to the ability to film, socially it’s in a really good place in town, there is a really nice vibe here. You get on with people, you suggest an idea here and we want it to happen, which is not always the way. It’s also great that it’s embedded in a lot of student communities.”


The most recent sold out instalment of the event was hosted once again by the legendary Dean Jackson and featured a variety of artists showcasing different genres including: Alfie Sharp, Jayahadadream, Blu Syrup and Mimosa. This event was featured as part of NTU’s welcome week and followed ‘Discover Metronome’ so not only were students given the opportunity to listen to some fantastic local artists for free, but they also found out more about the venue, including the free student membership. Some lucky students even walked away with a free guitar!

Courtney live at Metronome with BBC Music Introducing in the East Midlands

BBC introducing has also given Confetti students the chance to do it for real, and learn valuable skills while working the events. Some students had the privilege of performing at these events while others have assisted with the production of the gig, and to work on the audio and video recordings that have since been broadcast on BBC Radio as well as uploaded to their YouTube channel.

We are proud to be the home of BBC Introducing and are looking forward to progressing our relationship with them in the future.

Photo credit: Tom Morley

If you’re an NTU or Confetti student, you can sign sign up to the free Metronome student membership, offering you £5 tickets to selected events, discounted drinks and access to the student newsletter.