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Live Music Returned to Metronome this Week

George Gretton live at Metronome

On Wednesday 23 September, BBC Music Introducing in the East Midlands brought live music back to the Metronome stage with Sian, Celestines and George Gretton performing.

It has been far too long since we’ve all been able to enjoy an evening of live music inside a venue. Thankfully, BBC Music Introducing in the East Midlands filled this void, and brought three very talented up-and-coming acts to Metronome for the first live music show we’ve hosted since before the UK lockdown. Dean Jackson set the tone of this momentous evening perfectly, as he stated to the audience “You’re a part of history in the making”.

Sian was the first artist to take to the stage. She began her set with a piece she wrote during the pandemic, which simply put was beautiful poetry with a musical backdrop. All of her songs featured thought-provoking lyrics. However, she surprised the audience with a cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’, performed in her own unique style; so much so that it was unrecognisable as a Bieber cover. Her honesty and openness with the audience throughout made her feel real and relatable. She looked comfortable on stage – almost like it was her second home – making her interaction with the audience feel completely genuine.

Celestines were next on stage, filling the venue with their energy. They had everyone head-bopping, toe-tapping and clapping the whole way through their set. It can’t be easy to create an electric atmosphere with rock music when everyone is seated, but somehow Celestines managed it. They also kept the audience involved throughout, so it didn’t just feel like we were watching them, but rather we were part of their music.

George Gretton was the final act of the night. His voice instantly mesmerised the audience, along with the fascinating effects he was using. His extensive set-up – from a laptop to a guitar and everything else in between – proved just how multi-talented he is, and it was incredibly exciting to watch him use every piece of equipment. Every song he performed sounded completely unique, so you never knew what to expect. The beautiful mix of sounds had everyone entranced from start to finish. He ended his set with an apt statement, thanking all attendees for giving the music industry hope just by being there.

It was a truly great end to the type of night many of us have missed and are raring to have back in our lives. The event was a sign of positive things to come, including having live music back.

Photo credit Tom Morley

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